Levoit Core 300 Vs P350 | Good News for Pet Owners in 2022

Levoit Core 300 Vs P350

Air purifiers are undoubtedly one of the most valuable inventions of humanity. The skyrocketing pollution levels, dust, and pet odors pose more significant health risks to humanity’s well-being each passing day. 

Health and safety should be your foremost priority. If you are a person who frequently gets allergic reactions or is an asthmatic. In that case, our review of Levoit Core 300 vs P350 focuses on reducing your symptoms.

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Levoit Core 300 Vs P350

The main difference between Levoit Core 300 Vs P350 is that the P350 has an ARC formula in its filtration system which gives a little more edge over Core 300. Other than this, both air purifiers near about same.

Overview of Levoit Core 300 Air Purifier


  • Compact air purifier
  • True HEPA filter
  • Touch Control Panel
  • Child Lock Button
  • Quiet operation


  • Pre-filter is not washable

Overview of Levoit Core P350 Air Purifier


  • Smoke remover filter
  • Low filter replacement costs
  • Silent Operation
  • Ideal for pet lovers


  • Missing smart sensor
  • Low Odor removal

Quick Comparison of Levoit Core 300 and P350

Let’s take a look at the quick comparison table between these two competitors.

Model Levoit Core 300 Levoit Core P350
Coverage 219 Ft2 219 Ft2
Filtration System 3 Stages 3 Stages
Filters Fabric Pre-filter, H13 HEPA filter, Activated carbon filter Pre-filter with Pet Pure, True HEPA filter, Activated carbon filter with ARC formula
Rated Power 45 W 45 W
Wifi Connectivity Yes Yes
Air changes per hour (ACH) 5 5
Filter Replacement Indicator Yes Yes
Wifi Connectivity No No
Noise Level 22-48 dBA 24-50 dBA
Child Lock Yes Yes
On/off timer Yes Yes
Fan Speeds 3 3
Air Quality Indicator Yes Yes
Ideal for Airborne Particles Pet Owners
Warranty 1 Year 1 Year
Size 8.7x8.7x16.2 Inches 8.7x8.7x14.2 Inches
Weight 7.48 Pounds 7.5 pounds
Price Check Price Check Price

Similarities: Levoit Core 300 vs P350

Levoit Core 300 Vs P350 air purifier


What more important thing could exist, if not the design? Lucky for you, both models come in a nicely rounded cylindrical shape. Most importantly, the modern design supports a 360-degree air inlet.

Check Filter Indicator

It would be so confusing when you want to change the filter, but you do not know whether it requires filter replacement or not? The market is flooded with air cleaners that don’t tell you when to change the filter. 

Without a fresh filter, you would not get the level of cleansing you originally paid for. Luckily, both the Levoit Core P300 and its competitor have a filter indication light. It lights up if the filter needs changing, usually after every 6 months.

Auto shutoff timer

Are you looking for an advanced model to save energy and electricity bills? Well, we got some good news for you! Gone are those days when you had to turn these devices off manually.

The Levoit Core P350 and Levoit 300 come with an Auto Shut-off timer. You don’t have to wake up and turn them off before going outside due to their auto mode feature.

Set them on auto-sleep mode or select the options up to 8 hours for an uninterruptible night’s sleep. 

Child-lock Feature

Are you searching for a cleaner that ensures clean and fresh air for you and your family? If so, we bet you have got a few kids who turn the house upside down, haha! 

A built-in child lock (pet lock) feature locks the touch-sensitive control panel of these two popular models. You won’t have to worry about those playful kids messing up the settings every day.

360-degree air

Maximum efficiency is only achieved when an air purifier sucks in air at 360 Degrees. Place it in an office a bedroom; all air pollutants are sucked inside and filtered.

Furthermore, both Levoit Core P350 and Levoit Core 300 have the same CADR (clean air delivery rate) ratings. So, there is almost the same air cleaning performance of both units.


We never recommend products that ship with no or a brief warranty period. Both of Levoit’s famous cleaners come with a 12 months warranty period.

Seemingly, Levoit wants you to trust them with their products; what else could be better?

No Ozone

In a world filled with anti-nature practices, be the person who loves our earth! A plethora of air cleaners produce harmful ozone when they are functioning. 

Most of the Levoit air purifiers avoid any ozone emission, and both levoit core p350 and its competitors are also 100% ozone free devices. A CARB certification validates that these models are safe to use. 

Noise Level

Have you wanted an air purifier that does not disturb sleep? Above all features, the QUIETKEAP is the most silent air cleaner technology and has its wonders. Unlike other air purifiers, both devices operate at a low noise level.

Specifically, 24 decibels are heard at low fan speed, while the highest fan speed setting operates 50dB. This is the kind of sweet noise you require for a good night’s sleep. We hardly noticed any issue regarding their noise levels. 

Differences: Levoit Core 300 Vs P350

levoit p350 vs core 300

Filters Differnce

First things first, a fine pre-filter fights against large particles. Whether you are fed up with pet dander, fibres, or pet hair, it filters it all. 

Secondly, the True HEPA filter efficiently filters out 99.97% airborne particles 0.3 microns and more immense. Most of the filtration is done at this stage.

Finally, our last filter comes into use. It is called the Activated Carbon Filter. In this stage, organic compounds are removed. Activated carbon filters also absorb unpleasant odors from the kitchen or smoke. 

Here is a slight difference between Levoit 300 and levoit core p350 air purifier. The ARC formula makes it a better air purifier in its activated carbon filter than the core 300 air purifier.

Levoit air purifier Core P350 adsorbs pet dander and smoke odor and decomposes it due to ARC formula. So, we can say that it is a better option if you are suffering from a pet.

Air Filtration System

The Levoit Core 300 rotates 135 cubic feet of air each passing minute. For a precise estimate, it would return 4 ACH in a 250 sq room, with a height of 8 feet.

On the other hand, the Levoit Core P350 in the same space moves about 4.35 circulations. This doesn’t make even a minor difference, but we had to include it for your sake!

These two devices can clean a medium-large room without hindrance.


If you genuinely are confused between Levoit Core 300 vs P350, a 20$ difference is no such big deal. Comparing the filter difference, we found a mere 10$ difference between their cost.

Common FAQs About Levoit Air Purifiers

Is Levoit a good brand?

Levoit is a respected and well-known brand for quality products at an affordable price. Most of the levoit true HEPA filter air cleaners are great at removing harmful airborne contaminants.

How long does the Levoit 300 filter last?

Generally, Levoit 300 filter should last for around six to eight months. However, if you notice increased air pollution or any other problems with the filter, it is important to replace the filters immediately.

What is the difference between Levoit 300 and 300S?

The major difference between Levoit 300 and 300s is that Levoit 300S has smart controls, while in the 300, this feature is missing. However, both air purifiers are great at improving indoor air quality.

Are Levoit air purifiers safe for pets?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the safety of air cleaners for pets will vary depending on the specific model. However, most Levoit air purifiers are designed to be safe for both people and pets.

Conclusion: Still Confused?

The Levoit Core 300 vs P350 air cleaners are among the best entry-level devices in the market. They come at an affordable price tag, as well as modern features. 

If you ask us, the Levoit Core P350 is better suitable for pet owners. Moreover, it’s a slightly expensive option, which means you get better air quality.

However, if you are an asthmatic and looking for a new air purifier, we recommend Levoit Core 300. Go with the option you feel more attracted to at the end of the day! After all, both provide good value for money.