Levoit Air Purifier LV-H134 Reviews | Features & Specs Of 2022

Levoit LV-H134 Air Purifier Reviews

When we talk about indoor air quality, Levoit comes into mind as a leading brand to improve indoor air quality. Levoit is an American company that aims for a better home environment by producing quality home appliances. One of the leading products of Levoit is air purifiers.

Currently, Levoit has almost 10 models of air purifiers in the market. Levoit air purifier lv-h134 is one of the latest brands of this company. After good feedback from its customers about Levoit lv-h133, the company introduced a powerful air purifier for medium to a large room.

Ok now, let’s go straight through the Levoit Air Purifier LV-H134 Reviews.

Quick Overview

Key Features

  • Powerful filtration system with 360 degrees air intake.
  • Simple and super easy to operate.
  • It can move a large amount of air.
  • Air quality display.
  • Rich with built-in smart features.


  • Amazing performance machine
  • Low power consumption
  • Advance Dust laser Senor
  • Washable pre-filter
  • Sleek tower design


  • Some customers complained about the burning smell
  • Low fan power
  • Not so effective for large rooms

Levoit Air Purifier LV-H134 Reviews

Although Levoit has launched its new model, Levoit lv-h135 air purifier Levoit air purifier lv-h134 still has its name due to its performance and comparatively low price. We are pleased to give honest reviews about Levoit air purifier lv-h 134 in this article. Ok, let’s see what’s inside this air purifier.

 Filtration system 

The main thing we consider about a purifier is how many filters are used in that specific air purifier. So, before we go any further, let’s talk about the filtration system. Levoit lv-h134 consists of 3 stage filtration system like other brands.

Levoit LV-H134 Air Purifier design


This air purifier has a pre-filter as the first line of defense. It captures larger particles like pet fur, fiber, lint, Bird Dander, and dust. This pre-filter is vacuum-able and can be used for a long period.

True HEPA Filter

A true HEPA filter is used as the main defense system against air pollution. This true HEPA filter captures and removes airborne pollutants like mold, spores, bacterias, germs, allergens, and others to 99.97% as small as 0.3 microns. The main thing about the HEPA filter that this is an upgraded LV-H134-RF filter that makes it a more efficient unit.

Activated Carbon Filter

Finally, an activated carbon filter is used to remove odors and smoke particles. This makes the indoor air fresh and clean.


Levoit air purifier lv-h 134 has a tower design. The bottom of any purifier is considered a foundation to fix it any place. It has a larger bottom than other traditional brands that fall in this category. It has 360-degree air intake, which means intake air from every side of the room. It has 50% more air intake, which makes it 50% faster than other brands.

Levoit LV-H134 Air Purifier filter replacement


Ok, now let’s talk about its features. Levoit air purifier lv-h134 is a multi smart features brand.  It has more features as compare with Levoit air purifier lv-pur131 

Auto Mode

It has a modern ‘dust laser technology that detects indoor pollution rapidly and accurately in just 30 seconds. Reading shows on an LED Display panel, giving you feedback on indoor air quality.

Sleep Mode

Unlike other traditional brands, its LED Display is specially designed to turn off at night. So you can sleep in a darker room—a good deal for a light-sensitive person.

Filter indicator

How to clean Levoit air purifiers is a question that is frequently asked. Levoit air purifier lv-h134  consists of the Filter Replacement Indicator option, which reminds you to change its filter and clean pre-filter.


The timer feature in Levoit air purifier lv-h134 allows you to operate it according to your needs. It has a setting of 1-12 hours.

3-Speed Fan

Levoit air purifier lv-h134 has a 3-speed fan which is Low, Medium, and High. This air purifier adjusts its fan speed according to indoor air pollution with its cutting-edge smart sensor.

Recommended use

Due to its powerful purification system and beautiful tower design, it can be a good choice to use in offices, bedrooms, kitchens, and the whole house.


Levoit air purifier LV-H134 is FCC Certified, CARB Certified, and ETL Listed.

Product Information

Model LV-H134
Manufacturer Levoit
Coverage Area 710 Ft²
Size 30×20.5×20.5 Inches
Weight 25.9 Pounds
Warranty 1 Year

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Final Verdict

As we know that indoor air quality is a key thing in our daily routine life. An air purifier can play an important role in cleaning indoor air. If you are Looking for an Ideal purifier for either individual health or whole family health, you should go for the quality.

Before selecting an air purifier, you should know your space area and know about which kind of pollutants you face. If you are an allergen or patient of asthma, you should select an air purifier specially designed for these problems.

We recommend you Levoit air purifier lv-h134. This air purifier is very suitable for allergies, asthma, and other skin conditions. Fully loaded with smart features and the latest dust laser sensor technology makes it a more effective and efficient air purifier in this specific industry.