Dyson DP04 Pure Cool Air Purifier & Fan Review | Expectations Vs Reality

Dyson DP04 Pure Cool Air Purifier & Fan Review

Dyson is the world’s leading company in manufacturing many home appliances, including air purifiers. It is a British company by Sir James Dyson and working since 1991. Dyson introduced its air purifiers with new features like cooling function and heating, cooling, and air purification in one machine. In this article, we’ll take a deep look at Dyson DP04 Pure Cool Air Purifier & Fan Review

Generally, an air purifier is not for cooling the air. But Dyson made this air purifier with both cooling and air purifying functions. This type of innovation and creativity make the Dyson air purifiers different from other brands. So, let’s start with a quick overview of the Dyson DP04 air purifier.

Quick Overview

Key Features

  • It shows which pollutant is detected in real-time.
  • Customizable rotation angle from 45o to 350o.
  • Variable fan speed on both the front and back sides.
  • Elegant night mode with dim lights and quiet operation.
  • Smart operation and real-time display with Dyson link AAP.


  • Compact design without decreasing airflow
  • New diffused mode
  • High air purification performance
  • Bladeless design is easy to clean
  • Loaded with multiple smart features


  • High price as compared to other non-Dyson models

Dyson DP04 Pure Cool Air Purifier & Fan Review

Dyson pure cool DP04 is the first portable air purifier from this company. Its price is nearly the same as its old model DP01, but it has a more powerful fan, a better oscillation system, and the latest air multiplier technology. We can say that the Dyson DP04 is a more compact and advanced machine than its old brother DP01.

 Filtration system 

To estimate any air purifier’s raw performance, we need to check the filter’s quantity and type of filter. In this criteria, Dyson’s pure cool dp04 purifier & fan is not an exception. This Dyson air purifier comes with 2 stage filtration system, like other brands with this code name.

Activated Carbon Filter

This activated carbon filter is responsible for removing common household odors and gases like VOCs and Formaldehydes. In this Dyson DP04 air purifier, tris impregnated activated carbon is used. This type of carbon high quality and is different from normal paper carbon.

True HEPA Filter

In this model of Dyson air purifier, a true HEPA filter is used. This glass HEPA filter is efficient enough to remove 99.97% airborne particles at 0.3 microns size. These pollutants could be allergens, fine dust, pollen, pet dander, etc., in this true HEPA filter. A 29-feet borosilicate microfiber is used. Actually, this air filter is certified as a True HEPA filter and 100% ozone-free.

Dyson DP04 Pure Cool Air Purifier & Fan Review


Dyson’s pure cool DP04 air purifier & fan is the same as Dyson’s hot and cool air purifier hp04. Dyson DP04 has a round amplifier instead of an oval amp. Its body is compact but large enough to move a huge amount of air.

Also, it has a cool bladeless amplifier that works as a fan. With this cool bladeless amplifier, you can clean your air purifier more easily. This model of Dyson air purifier has a white body with silver accents around the air intake area.

It has a solid metal body, but it is a stronger and firmer product as a desktop series. This air purifier’s height is 27 Inches, but you can move it up and down with its pivot. It means you can angle the airflow up and down manually, without mechanized its oscillating settings. A little bit heavy machine with a weight of 10.2 pounds, but compact enough to move anywhere in the home

Dyson DP04 Pure Cool Air Purifier & Fan design

Like other Dyson air purifiers, Dyson pure cool DP04 purifier & fan has the same bottom-to-top airflow. The air intake is made of perforated holes. This hole air intake system works a pre-filtration layer. The air outlet is located under the amp. It has a black bezel, and an LCD is located at the base.

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Dyson pure cool DP04 purifier & fan is a high-end air purifier. And the interesting thing about high-end purifiers is that they are fully loaded with smart features. With these smart features, we can use them more easily and smarter way. This Dyson pure cool dp04 also has many smart features. We will check them below:

Dual Functionality

The nature of Dyson is that their purifiers are multi-purpose. Dyson DP04 is not only an air purifier, but it also has a fan. This fan is for cooling purposes and contains 10 fan speeds. You can adjust its fan speed according to your needs.

Diffuse Mode

When you don’t need cooling of Dyson air purifier dp04 diffused mode will work effectively in cold months. In diffused mode, the air purifiers will reverse the airflow to stop cooling without affecting the air purification system.

Smart sensors

In normal air purifiers, there is only one smart sensor to monitor and control airborne pollution. But in Dyson air purifier DP04, there are three different sensors. The first one is a humidity and temperature sensor that constantly monitors humidity and temperature in your room. The second sensor is the particulate sensor, which monitors ultrafine particles. The final sensor is a gas sensor, which monitors VOCs and oxidized gases.

Dyson DP04 Pure Cool Air Purifier smart sensor

These three sensors monitor PM2.5, PM10, and VOCs & NO2 respectively and report air quality on LCD Display. If you have put your air purifier on auto mode, it will automatically adjust fan speed according to indoor air quality.

Control system

You can control your Dyson pure cool DP04 purifier & fan in three different ways. Of course, one of them is the remote control. Its remote control is magnetic and can stick with any part of your air purifier. The remote control is packed with more buttons than its old brother Dyson DP01.

The second way to control the air purifier is the Dyson link app. This app will give you the reading of air quality, indoor and outdoor temperature, and humidity. You can enable you to schedule your air purifier and check filter status with this app.

The final way of control is Alexa’s control. You can use your voice to control this air cleaner. Keep in mind that you should use simple and short-spoken instructions to control in this way.

dyson dp04 air purifier

Project & Oscillation Mode

Dyson DP04 can oscillate at 45,90, 180, and 350 degrees. Air multiplier technology delivers 77 gallons/second of smooth and powerful air in every part of the room. You can also adjust the clean air exactly where you want it.

Filter replacement indicator

This feature is necessary for every air purifier. Dyson DP04 monitors the filter’s status and aware of the filter replacement date.

Night Mode

Night mode helps you for better sleep. It will adjust the fan speed on the lowest setting at night mode and dims all lights, but it will continue air quality monitoring.

Asthma and Allergy Friendly

One of the most advantages of purchasing a Dyson pure cool dp04 purifier & fan is that it is allergy and asthma-friendly. It is certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA). Moreover, it is an energy-saving machine. It will only cost you 1.5$ to 12 $ every year if you run this machine for 12 hours daily.

What’s in the Box

Dyson Dp04 air cleaner comes with all of the basics that you need to run this air purifier. These accessories are

  • Dyson DP04 air purifier
  • 360 degrees Glass HEPA filter.
  • Power Cord.
  • Activated Charcoal filter.
  • Remote control.

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Product Information

Model 310150-01
Manufacturer Dyson
Coverage Area 400 Ft²
Size 8.7×13.8×27.2 Inches
Weight 10.18 Pounds
Warranty 2 Years Limited

Final Verdict

Hopefully, after reading about Dyson DP04 Pure Cool Air Purifier & Fan Review you’ll be clear about this fantastic device. Dyson’s pure cool dp04 purifier & fan is a high-performing air purifier that can move the air up to 419 liters/second. Its bladeless design makes it quiet to operate. It is loaded with multiple smart features to run it the smarter way.

However, the price of the Dyson dp04 is high, but when we look at its performance and features, this price is justified. If you are looking for a smaller footprint with maximum clean airflow, the Dyson Pure Cool DP04 is a solid choice.