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Do Air Purifiers Help With Radon Gas

Do air purifiers help with radon gas? Well, indoor radon gas is a natural by-product of the decay of uranium in soil, rock, and water. In other words, there’s good reason to believe that your house may have been built on radium. If you live in an area where uranium is found in the soils or rocks, your home has likely been exposed to dangerous levels of ionizing radiation.

Luckily for us, interiors don’t give off radioactive gases unless something unusual happens to disturb them. Radon gas only starts seeping out from under floorboards or into basements after being released from rocks or soil. That’s why older homes need to be tested more frequently than newer, well-sealed structures.

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Do Air Purifiers Help With Radon?

Absolutely Yes! An air purifier will remove radon gas, among others. But make sure it has an excellent activated carbon filter.

A regular HEPA filter won’t do much for radon because its efficiency relies mainly on trapping larger matter. The larger the particle, the better chance it’ll be caught in the filter. The smallest radioactive particles are far too small to be trapped by these filters. So, an air purifier with a good activated carbon filter is necessary to get rid of them.

Regular HEPA filters don’t work well for removing benzene vapors. They can reduce concentrations but not eliminate them without treatment with charcoal or granules designed to catch gases quickly.

Health Risks of Radon Gas

health risks of radon gas

Although radon is a natural by-product of the decay of uranium and thorium in soil and rocks. It does not directly cause cancer. However, if radon builds up inside your home, it can be dangerous. Studies show that breathing air containing high concentrations of radon can increase your risk for lung cancer over time.

  1. Lung discomfort
  2. Coughing
  3. Headaches
  4. Chest pain or pressure
  5. Fatigue
  6. Shortness of breath during exertion such as exercise or work activities


The listed health problems are caused by breathing in large amounts of this naturally occurring radioactive gas Radon. Even small amounts of radon in your home can be deadly over time – so it’s important to mitigate its effects. Radon mitigation measures include sealing cracks and other openings to the soil or venting the gas from underneath your home.