Blueair 121 vs 211+ | Which One Is Better Air Purifier in 2023?

blueair 121 vs 211+

It’s 2023, and the inflow of new devices is at its peak. Choosing an Air Purifier can be confusing, especially for non-technical consumers! The majority of our readers showed doubt on how they were confused between Blueair 121 vs 211+.

Undoubtedly, Blueair is a Swedish company: How Not to End Up with The Wrong Choice! and one of the most popular brands in the US. Some of the most purchased purifiers have been made by the sought-after brand.

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Blueair 121 Vs 211+


The main difference between Blueair 121 vs 211+ is that Blueair 121 has an ample room coverage area of 620 ft2. On the other hand, Blueair 211+ has a room coverage area of 540 ft2.

However, there are some other slight differences between these two giants, which are briefly described in this article.

BlueAir 121 Air Purifier


  • Highest CADR rating
  • Delivers 400 cfm
  • Comes with a timer
  • Covers 620 sq ft.


  • May smell strong during the early period

BlueAir 211+ Air Purifier


  • Compact in size
  • Lightweight
  • Variety of colours available


  • Covers less area

Quick Comparison of Blueair 121 and 211+

Let’s take a look at the quick comparison table between these two competitors.

Model Blueair 121 Blueair 211+
Coverage 620 ft2 540 ft2
Filtration System 3 Stages 3 Stages
Filters Washable pre-filter, Particle mesh filter, Activated carbon filter Washable pre-filter, Polypropylene particle mesh filter, activated carbon filter
Upgradable Carbon Filter Yes No
Filter Life 6 Months 6 Months
Power Consumption 31-61W 30-60W
Air changes per hour (ACH) 5 5
Filter Replacement Indicator Yes Yes
Wifi Connectivity No No
Noise Level 31-56 dBA 31-56 dBA
Remote Control No No
On/off timer No No
Fan Speeds 3 3
Air Quality Indicator No No
HEPA Silent Technology Yes Yes
Ideal for Pet Owners Office Use
Warranty 1 Year 1 Year
Size 28.3 x 13 x 13 Inches 20 x 13 x 13 Inches
Weight 18.2 Pounds 13 pounds
Price Check Price Check Price

Similarities: BlueAir 121 vs 211+

what are the difference between blueair 121 vs 211+

Without further ado, let’s dive deeper into the debate.


People love fancy designs when it comes to air purifiers. You get a decent and glossy finishing on the top. Moving downwards, a washable pre-filter on the bottom half gives off a dull vibe.

Moreover, both models inhale air at 360 degrees. It cleans the room exceptionally well. The available colours for these models are pink, grey, and yellow. So, both models have an elegant design with powerful air purification.


Both variants come with identical filtration methods. A 3-stage system is put in place, ensuring ultra-clean and fresh air.

The first stage is a washable pre-filter. It is a mechanical filter and It traps larger particles, leaving the rest of them for the following filters. Note that both air purifiers use advanced filters and this filter is washable.

Secondly, a particle filter removes 99.97% of airborne particles like dust mites and dust particles. A HEPASilent technology charges particles before reaching the filter. It makes them stick to the filter.

Lastly, an activated carbon filter removes household odors. All is filtered efficiently, whether it’s the aroma of food, unpleasant smoke, or common odors.


You get a 3-speed fan with low, medium, and high options. A powerful motor runs the 2+ blade fan. You have to touch a button on its front to select your desired fan speed.

Noise Levels

If you ask us, noise levels on these two models should not be a problem at all. The lowest setting produces about 31dB. On the other hand, 56dB is produced at the highest option. So, you can improve indoor air quality without too much noise in your office or bedroom.

Power Consumption

We cannot stress enough when it comes down to Blueair 121 vs 21+ energy input. These two devices have a power consumption of 30-61 watts at the highest, making them energy efficient.


Thankfully, a HEPASilent technology has proven pretty much helpful in removing airborne particles. It uses electrostatic filtration, which removes 99.97% of particles.

Light Indicator

We hear a lot of questions about how to know whether the filter needs replacement or not? Well, replacement light lights up when your filter needs changing for peace of mind. 


We do not recommend you to buy products that provide less than a year’s warranty. To our surprise, both variants come with a one-year warranty to build your trust in the brand.

Differences: BlueAir 211+ Vs 121

blueair 121 vs 211+


You will see a difference in size between these two air purifiers when you look closely. The Blue Pure Air 121 is comparatively taller than its competitor. It measures 28.3 x 13 x 13 inches, weighing 18.2 pounds.

Alternatively, Blueair 211+ is smaller. It weighs about 12.5 pounds, measuring 20.25 x 12.8 x 12.8 inches.

Room Coverage

The Blueair Blue Pure 121 variant filters air at the industry recommended rate of 5 times per hour. This feature ensures clean and fresh air is available every moment of your day. The rated room coverage is 620 sq ft. It is more suitable for large to extra-large rooms.

In comparison, their Blueair Blue Pure 211+ model also filters at the same rate of 5 times an hour. What’s the difference, then? The 211+ covers areas up to 540 sq ft. So, if you want a more extensive range, be sure to get the Blueair 121.


Clean air delivery is one of those crucial factors you should never overlook. First and foremost, Blueair Blue Pure 121 has a CADR rating of 400 cfm.

Last but not least, their other variant has a clean air delivery rate of 350 cfm. 

Clearly, the popular Blueair Blue Pure 121 is superior when it arrives at delivering fresh air. Choose it if you are highly conscious of the clean air delivery rate.


Undoubtedly, a timer comes in pretty useful if you have a habit of turning purifiers off! It could save your electricity bill at the end of the month as well!

The Blueair Blue Pure 121 comes with a built-in timer. Unluckily, its competitor has failed to offer the option at all.

Conclusion: Which one should you go for?

Clean air is essential for everybody. If you are an Asthmatic or have specific allergies, having an air purifier in your house will do wonders for you. 

So what’s the real deal between Blueair 121 vs 211+? According to our expert knowledge, both of these devices are popular and in demand. However, the Blueair Blue Pure 121 stands out in most aspects, including room coverage and fresh air delivery!

A downside of these models is that both units don’t have air quality sensors. Other than this, both models are awesome performers.