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best inexpensive air purifier

Due to poor indoor air quality, you may feel sinus problems or allergic attacks this season. In this scenario, the good news is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money purchasing an air purifier. If your budget is tight, then you can select a cheap air purifier. On this page, you will be completely guided about the best inexpensive air purifier 2023.

After researching different air cleaner brands, we prepared a list of the top 5 best cheap air purifiers. You can select from this list according to your needs.

If you’re in a hurry then you can pick one of our top picks.

Our Top Picks

Comparison Table of 5 Best Affordable Air Purifiers 2023

Image Product Details   Price
backpac Winix 5300-2 Best for Smoke and Odors
Pre Filter, AOC Carbon, True HEPA, PlasmaWave
360 ft²
Check Price
germ_guardian_AC4825E-removebg-preview Vremi Premium Best for Large Spaces
Pre-filter, True HEPA, Activated Carbon Filer
300 ft²
Check Price
cordlessblower Levoit Core P350 Recommended for Bedroom
Pre-filter, True HEPA, Activated Carbon
215 ft²
Check Price
cordlessblower Germ Guardian AC4100 Best for Pet Dander and Allergies
Activated Carbon, True HEPA, UV-C Light
78 ft²
Check Price
cordlessblower Honeywell DH-HPA060 Best for For Side Table
Pre-filter, True HEPA
75 ft²
Check Price

By purchasing a low-cost air purifier, you should miss some advanced features, but still, you can enjoy fresh and clean air. Some air purifiers are low in cost, but their performance is according to your needs. Let’s go and check the reviews of the 5 Best cheap air purifiers in 2023.

1 – Winix 5300-2 – Overall Best Budget Air Purifier

best inexpensive air purifierWinix is a trusted brand in the air purifier industry. Winix 5300-2 is one of the best air purifiers, according to its design and budget. It has all the features and functions like other market brands these days, except remote control. We listed this product as the Best inexpensive air purifier, focusing on its price and powerful air purification system.

This brand is AHAM Association of Home Appliances Manufacturers) certified to use in a 360 square feet room. So, you can use it in your bedroom, office, baby room, or any other space of 360 square feet.

Key Features

  • 4-stage filtration system for medium to large space.
  • Autodetected night mode.
  • Real-time speed adjustment sensor according to air quality.
  • LED light indicator according to air quality.
  • Filter replacement indicator.


  • Advance Odor Cleaner Filter
  • Latest plasma wave technology
  • Awesome performance
  • Low price


  • Filter life is not prolonged
  • Missing advanced features like remote control and wifi

Winix 5300-2 Air Purifier Review

 Filtration system 

When it comes to Winix 5300-2 cleaning system, it has a powerful 4-stage filtration system. This air purifier cleans the air efficiently. Thus we can say it is one of the best cheap air purifiers.

Permanent Pre-Filter: As the first line of defense, a permanent pre-filter is installed. It captures large particles like dust, pet hair, and pet dander.

We call it a permanent filter because you don’t have to change this filter, but it has to be cleaned with a soft brush or vacuum cleaner. Proper cleaning of the pre-filter extends the life of the core HEPA Filter.

AOC Carbon Filter: Advance Odor Reducer (AOC) carbon sheet filter is used to remove odors. It captures and removes smoke odors, kitchen odors, and VOCs. This Carbon filter also helps to extend the life of the HEPA Filter.

True HEPA Filter: It’s true HEPA filter that effectively captures and removes airborne particles like dust, dust mites, pollens, spores, and all other fine particles up to 99.97% as small as 0.3 microns.

Plasma wave Technology: Unlike other traditional brands, plasma wave technology is used in this air purifier. Plasma wave technology works on a molecular level and neutralizes airborne particles. It produces hydroxyls that neutralize bacteria, VOCs, and other gases instantly. It is the most innovative technology to purify the air.


When you look at the design of Winix 5300-2, it is not quite impressive. Like other traditional brands, it has a base and plastic body. This air purifier is a floor-standing model, which means you can stick it behind the sofa or an armchair. But for best results, you should place it at least 15″ away from the wall.

Moreover, its weight is just 18 Lbs; you are right; it is lightweight. It is also slimmer than other models of this brand. You can move it accordingly. While talking about the control panel, it is located on the top of the Winix 5300-2


With a mid-priced unit, this air purifier comes with a lot of convenient features. Let’s check some of the fantastic features of Winix 5300-2

Air Quality Indicator: One of the worth mentioning features is the air quality indicatorSmart sensors monitor indoor air quality and reading shows on an LED. This LED light changes based on the air quality of your room. So, you don’t have to worry about the quality of the indoor air.

Filter Replacement Indicator: If you don’t want to remember the filter replacement manually, you should choose Winix 5300-2 air purifier. It automatically notifies you when filter replacement is needed.

Fan Speed: It has four fan speed settings. Either you can set up auto mode or manual mode. If auto mode is on, then fan speed automatically adjusts according to your environment. You can also manually set its speed.

Certificates: Winix 5300-2 is a CARB( Clean Air Resources Board)Certified and Energy Star Certified product.


Winix 5300-2 is an excellent cheap air purifier with the latest technology of plasma waves. It is a low-cost air purifier with a reasonable CADR Rating and a large room coverage area. But in my opinion, its power consumption is a bit high.

If you want a quality air purifier at a low price and can afford electricity cost, you should grab this air purifier. you can check amazon customer reviews by Clicking Here

Winix 5300-2 Video Guide

2 – Vremi Premium – Best Value for the Money

best inexpensive air purifier The main difference between the Vremi Air purifier and other popular brands is that this air purifier is cheap, and you can easily purchase it on a low budget. Its filter cost is also low compared to other products in this budget range. The filter life of the Vremi Air purifier is about 4320 hours. This is a great deal for future savings.

Keeping all these points in mind, you can consider it the best affordable air purifier. If you are satisfied, then go and grab it. Moreover, the Vremi air cleaner has a 4.6 Stars Rating on amazon.

Key Features

  • Compact and elegant design.
  • Color-coded live air quality sensor.
  • 360-degree aerodynamic air intake.
  • Auto-detect night mode. 


  • Medical grade H13 Filter
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Well-built air purifier


  • High power consumption
  • High noise level as compared to other brands

Vremi Premium Air Purifier Review

 Filtration system 

With a powerful 3 stage filtration system, the Vremi Air purifier is a nice device to use in large rooms. Its 3 stage filtration consists of a fine pre-filter, a true HEPA filter, and an activated charcoal filter.

Fine Pre Filter: This Fine pre-filter is used to trap larger particles of pollutants like dust, allergens, pet dander, and other particles. Furthermore, it is also responsible for the longevity of the core HEPA filter.

True HEPA Filter: like other air purifiers, the Vremi air purifier uses a HEPA Filter. This HEPA Filter is a medical-grade H13 Filter, traps and removes fine particles up to 99.97% as small as 0.3 microns.

Activated Carbon Filter: A carbon filter is used to remove household odors, like cooking fumes odors, cigarette smoke odors, and wildfire smoke odors. This filter makes your indoor air fresh and clean.


Vremi air purifier is made of quality material to make it durable. Thanks to its construction, you can use it with peace of mind because its top cover is scratch-less. It is lightweight and suitable for those who travel more.

Besides, its compact design allows you to move it from room to room to purify the air in every room in the house. Regardless of its little design, you can enjoy powerful air purification in the given room size.


Like all other famous brands in the market, the Vremi air purifier also has multiple smart feature devices. Let’s dive into the features of this unit.

3 Fan speed and Auto Mode setting: Its 3 fan speed setting allows you to change the speed according to your needs. If you want to run the auto mode device, you can also select its auto mode to run according to the air quality in the room.

Air Quality Sensor: It’s a unique built-in air quality sensor that measures and displays the quality of air live. It displays the air quality in a color-coded way like Blue means Very Good; Green means Good, Orange means Unhealthy and Red means Hazardous. So, know whether your air is healthy or unhealthy with peace of mind that your air purifier responds accordingly.

Child Lock: If you have children or pets in your home, you have to worry. Because its child lock protects it from children and pets, it means if you run the air purifier in the child’s presence, it cannot be turned off by a child or pet.

360 Air Inlet: Air inlet is 360 degrees to clean air in every part of the room


Clean air is an essential part of our life. As technology is growing, every product is becoming innovative and easier to use. Like all other products, air purifiers are also modern and the latest. Vremi air purifier for home with a true HEPA filter is also a modern product.

3 – LEVOIT Core P350 – Best Inexpensive Air Purifier for Bedroom

Best Inexpensive Air Purifier for BedroomWhen we discuss air purifiers, Levoit comes quickly into our minds because of its quality and powerful air purification system. Levoit is a popular name in manufacturing innovative products. At the same time, Levoit air purifiers are excellent in performance and durability.

No doubt, LEVOIT Air Purifier Core P350 is an excellent air purifier and one of the best budget air purifiers. Basically, it is a pet allergic model, which means you can use it if you have pets or you have pet allergies. Due to its quiet operation, we call it the best HEPA air purifier for bedrooms.

Key Features

  • Extended CFM up to 219 sq. ft in just 12 minutes.
  • Quiet and peaceful operation with sleep mode.
  • Easy to use and pet/child lock display.
  • An effective 360-degree filtration.
  • Durable and high-performance AC fan motor.


  • Best air purifier for allergies and pets
  • Powerful air purification
  • Operates quietly
  • Best value for money


  • No critical reviews yet

Levoit Core P350 Air Purifier Review

 Filtration system 

It has a 3 stage filtration system like other classic air purifiers, but with small changes. It has a 360-degree airflow to give you purified air in every corner of the room.

Pre Filter: To make P350 a more effective and long-lasting unit, a non-woven pre-filter is installed. This type of pre-filter captures and removes more pet hair, mold spores, and other larger particles. Not only does this pre-filter trap more large particles, but it also extends the life of the HEPA filter.

Activated Carbon Filter: Its activated charcoal filter is made of ARC Formula. This ARC formula absorbs the pet odor and dander and chemically decomposes them. You can avoid 2nd hand pollution and enjoy more fresh air.

HEPA Filter: A True HEPA Filter is also installed in it. As a core filter, it captures and removes 99.97% of pollutants up to 0.3 microns level.


Levoit air purifier core P350 is made of plastic. But don’t have to worry, because its plastic material is good in quality. All parts are fit and tight, with excellent finishing. Its air outlet is at the top. Item weight is only 8.9 lbs, which makes it lightweight.

On the other hand, its compact design makes it more convenient for people looking for a reliable and compact best Cheap HEPA air purifier. Moreover, it is a pet-friendly air purifier due to its pet lock.


If you want to buy the best affordable air purifier in 2023, you should seriously think about Levoit core P350. It has some features like expensive air purifiers these days.

360 Degree Air Flow: Core P350 has 360 airflow to clean every part of your room. Thus, you can say that it has a powerful purification system.

Child Lock: Levoit Core P350 comes with a child lock function. When you turn the child lock, your pets or child can not change its setting. So, keep enjoying clean air in the presence of pets.

Quiet Operation: In this air purifier, Quiet KEAP Technolgy is used. With this technology, Levoit Core P350 purifies the air with a minimum noise level of 24 dB.

Zero Light pollution: You can enjoy peaceful sleep while turning all lights off. Enjoy Zero light pollution by turning off all display lights.

Ozone Free: Levoit claims every product is 100% ozone-free because ozone is hazardous for human beings. You can purchase Levoit core p350 with peace of mind that it has an ozone-free air purifier.

Long Life Service: In this air purifier AC capacitor motor is used. Its durable high precision bearing and excellent internal structure increase abrasion resistance, which obviously extends the machine’s life. With this AC motor, Levoit Core P350 becomes a more durable brand.


Levoit air purifier core P350 is a nice addition to air purifiers on a low budget. It is full of smart features, with extraordinary performance. This could be a good choice as a low price air purifier.

If you have pets or allergies, you must go for this product. Because Levoit core p350 is specially designed for pet allergies, all other people equally enjoy its functions and performance.

Levoit Core P350 Video

4 – Germ Guardian AC4100 – Best Cheap Air Purifier for Office Desk

best inexpensive air purifierBeing a famous brand in air purifier brands, guardian technologies manufactured many devices in this category. It is a reliable and trusted brand in manufacturing all kinds of air purifiers like tabletop air purifiers, Refurbished air purifiers, tower air purifiers, etc.

Germ Guardian air purifier with True HEPA Filter AC4100 is considered the best budget air purifier due to its price and performance. Imagine you can get this air purifier for just under $50. So, without wasting your time, let’s check the review of AC4100 and see if this is worth the money or not.

Key Features

  • 3-level filtration along with UV-C light.
  • Good performance in a small packet.
  • Customizable 3-speed settings with optional UV light.
  • Safe to use with AHAM verification.


  • The best alternative for the money
  • Good performance unit
  • Compact design


  • Complaints about high noise levels
  • Low CADR Ratings
  • Only the 1-year warranty

GermGuardian AC4100 Review

 Filtration system 

Although Germ Guardian air purifier AC 4100 is an affordable air purifier. Its filtration system is quite good compared to other devices in this price range. Let’s check what is inside this air purifier.

Activated Carbon filter: Being part of the filtration, an activated carbon filter reduces common household odors like cooking fumes and smoke. Moreover, it also helps to get rid of VOCs.

True HEPA Filter: Its HEPA Filter captures and removes pollutants up to 99%. It is a little less than other brands but still has very satisfactory results.

UV-C Light: A UV-V light bulb is used to fight and kill viruses, bacteria, and allergens. Its bulb life is 10 to 12 months. It is recommended to use only genuine Germguardian bulbs.


You can say that Germ Guardian air purifier AC 4100 is a tabletop air purifier. Germ Guardian air purifier AC 4100 has a compact and straightforward design with a plastic body. The weight of this device is just 4.85 Lbs, which means lightweight enough to move anywhere.

Furthermore, it has only one switch button in front of this air purifier—all you have to control with this Switch button.


If you are expecting smart features in Germguardian AC 4100, then get ready for a surprise. Because unfortunately, there are no extra features available in this brand. I think in this lowest price range, you can not expect too much. But still has mighty fan speed and purification.


While talking about the best, least expensive air purifier, Germguardian AC4100 is a reliable product. It is an energy-star-rated product on a low budget.

Although its coverage area is small and CADR Rating is also low, its powerful air purification is the point you should consider. You can use it for clean and fresh air in a given size of room.

5 – Honeywell DH-HPA060 – Best Inexpensive Tabletop Air Purifier 

Best Inexpensive Tabletop Air Purifier Honeywell has had experience with air purification for about 25 years. It has launched so many products on the market. Honeywell HPA060 is one of the best affordable air purifiers. While used in a small room, Honeywell HPA060’s performance is excellent.

If you don’t like giant machines, then HPA060 could be a better compact air purifier for use in the office, kitchen, or small bedroom. Although you can’t expect its performance like other Honeywell’s expensive models, it is still worth the money you pay for it.

Key Features

  • High ACH (Air change per hour) up to 5 times.
  • Compact and lightweight, easy to portable.
  • Quick performance in small spaces.
  • Filter replacement indicator.


  • Great fan speed at a low price
  • Good for allergies sufferer
  • Energy Star rated


  • Quite noisy at high settings
  • High cost of replacement filters

Honeywell HPA060 Air Purifier Review

 Filtration system 

Honeywell HPA060 air purifier is basically designed for small spaces. Its CADR Rating is also low. Its filters are two in number but work very well.

Pre-filter: Pre-filter is combined with an activated carbon filter. It means this pre-filter not only traps larger particles of dust, mold spores, pollens, etc but also removes odors. This pre-filter is a little bit stronger than other brands in this price range. So, you can enjoy purified and fresh air in a given square foot of space by using this small air purifier.

True HEPA Filter: Like other air purifiers, honey HPA060 also has a true HEPA filter. This true HEPA Filter collects and removes fine airborne particles of dust, pollen, and others up to 99.97% as small as 0.3 microns.


Honeywell HPA060 has a compact tower design. Its weight is 9 lbs, which means lightweight. It has three intake air grills, one grill is on the front, and the other two grills are from both sides. The air outlet grill is at the backside. This design is handy to replace the filter, as well as maximize its fan speed.

When we talk about its control panel, it is located on top of the air purifier. The Control system consists of two buttons and one switch. Easy enough to operate. What do you say?


Honeywell DH-HPA060 has not many smart features. But it has a powerful purification and a lot of fan speed, which is your primary purpose for purchasing an air purifier.

This air purifier is low in price, but it doesn’t mean that its performance is also low. With a powerful fan speed, Honeywell DH-HPA060 provides some features too. These features are:

Filter replacement indicator: It consists of an electronic filter replacement indicator. The filter replacement indicator shows the situation of the filter on an LED Display. I think this is an excellent feature to maintain the air purifier’s performance.

Five air changes: Another worth mentioning feature of Honeywell DH-HPA060 is it comes with 5 air changes. It means that it cleans the air in a given standard-size room every 12 minutes. That’s a good point for the best low-cost air purifier.

Timer: It also has a timer to control fan speed, either manually or automatically.


Honeywell HPA060 has a reasonable air purifier in the line of low-cost air purifiers. It has no more smart features like other classic brands. But it can solve your primary problem, that is to clean dirty air.

Honeywell DH-HPA060 Video

Buying Guide

Factors to be Considered Before Buying an Affordable Air Purifier

Before purchasing the budget air purifier, you should check some features of that air purifier. There are 5 main features to be considered before finalizing your air purifier. Below we have given comprehensive information about these features to clear your mind about the best, least expensive air purifier.

You can also jump on to the best air purifier under$100 for more information about cheap price air purifiers.

Filtration System

The first and main purpose of an air purifier is to purify indoor air. The filtration system is considered to be the main feature of an air purifier. You should see whether the air purifier has a multi-stage filtration system or not. A multi-stage filtration air purifier gives you more quality indoors.

Key parts of the filtrations system are

Pre-filter: The pre-filter function is to collect and remove larger particles like pet dander, pet hair, fur, and dust particles. Pre-filter also prolongs the HEPA Filter life.

HEPA Filter: The major part of any air purifier is HEPA Filter. HEPA Stands for “high-efficiency particulate air.”

HEPA is used to catch and remove microscopic allergens like pollen, fine dust, allergens, mold spores, pet dander, etc.

Activated Carbon Filter: An activated charcoal filter is used to absorb common household odors, like kitchen odors and smoke odors. If you have pets in your home or live in the city, you should choose the air purifier that uses a carbon filter because activated carbon is safer to remove odors.

Ionizer: The function of an ionizer is to neutralize various airborne pollutants. By neutralizing these particles, it becomes easy for HEPA Filter to capture and remove.

UV-C Light: The function of UV Light in an air purifier is to kill bacteria, viruses, and germs.

Filter replacement Cost

Another factor about the best, least expensive air purifier is the cost of replacement filters. If the life of its filters is less, it will negatively impact your pocket. Some brands have prolonged filter filters, and others have fewer filter life.

So, before making any decision, you should consider this point.

Maximum Room Area Coverage

Maximum room area coverage is another aspect that should be considered before selecting the best cheap air purifier. Most affordable air purifiers have low room area coverage. But it doesn’t mean that you have to suffer. You still have the chance to enjoy clean air without spending too much money.

Before purchasing any air cleaner in this category, you should first measure your room’s coverage area in square feet. The coverage area is measured by multiplying the width by the length in Feet.

These days, personal air purifiers are also available that just clean the immediate air near you. In this case, maximum room area coverage is less concerned. You just have to switch them on and get clean air, no matter how low the rating. These personal air purifiers are the most affordable price.

Noise level

The noise level of an air purifier is measured in decibel dB. The noise level of an air purifier varies from product to product. Most air purifier brands use HEPA Filter, and their noise level at the lowest speed is around 25db and around 75 dB at higher settings.

High noise level makes more disturbances to noise-allergic people and during sleep. So, if you are noise allergic, then you should consider this point.

CADR Rating

Clean air delivery rate (CADR) is the efficiency of any purifier that how much pollutants can remove from the air cleaner. CADR is an important factor before the selection of air cleaners at low prices. Air purifiers of this category have lower to medium CADR ratings. But some brands have a higher CADR Rating at a low price.

Remember to select a high CADR rating air purifier to get more clean and fresh air.

Common Issues With Budget Air Purifiers

After testing and reading thousands of customer reviews we found that low-price air purifiers have some issues. Some of them are critical, and others are ordinary problems. The main problem with the lowest price air purifier is its smell in the room.

Customers complained about the burning or plastic smell when an air purifier of this category operates. Some air purifiers are manufactured with a plastic body, so they make a plastic smell.

Short life is another problem with the low price of air purifiers. To keep their price in an affordable range, these air purifiers are built with cheap materials. Wear & tear of this cheap material is common.

Lower CADR Rating is also an important issue with these air purifiers. Unfortunately, many brands in this category have a CADR Rating of 100 barely. With this CADR Rating, the air purifiers cannot clean the air properly. So keep in mind to select the best CADR-rated air purifier.

Is it worthwhile to purchase the best inexpensive air purifier?

This is the question that comes to mind while deciding on the best low-cost air purifier. Look, you cannot get a modern or automatic device by paying a little cash. There are a few limitations in this category, but Yes, you don’t have to worry.

First, you have to know about the specific airborne particles which you are facing. Because some brands are manufactured to remove specific air pollutants, you can easily decide about the air purifier brand according to your needs.

Final Verdict

So, these were a few of our best inexpensive air purifiers in 2023. Try and consider air pollutants in your home or office before purchasing a cheap air purifier. While comparing these five air purifiers we reviewed, the Winix 5300-2 clearly takes the top spot in our list.

The basis of this decision is its outclass 4 stage air purification, durable build quality, and reasonable price. You’ll be able to have great peace of mind with all these features.