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best air purifier for kitchen odors

Why do most Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) experts in the U.S recommend using the best air purifier for kitchen odors 2023? Why the kitchen is an essential part of every home? A kitchen is a place where we prepare, cook, and store food. We regularly spend specific time in the kitchen on a daily basis.

Most kitchens are equipped with a stove, oven, refrigerator, sink for dishwashing, and other electrical appliances. Are all these appliances safe or not? IAQ in our home is based on the kitchen environment. Do you know what kind of air pollution spreads from kitchen activities?

Read this article thoroughly, here you can get complete information about air pollution in the kitchen. We briefly define the primary sources and their possible remedies to avoid air pollution hazards from kitchen activities with a Kitchen air purifier.

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Our Top Picks

So, if you want to take a look at all 5 products in detail, let’s start with a comparison table of the 5 best air purifiers for kitchen odors in 2023

Comparison Table of Top 5 Best Air Purifiers For kitchen Odors 2023

Image Product Details   Price
backpac Levoit Vital 100 Best for kitchen odors
Pre-filter, True H13 HEPA, Activated Coconut Carbon
500 ft²
Check Price
germ_guardian_AC4825E-removebg-preview BISSELL MYair 2780A Best for small room and kitchen
Pre-filter, High-efficiency Filter, Activated Carbon Filter
100 ft²
Check Price
cordlessblower Germ Guardian GG1000 Recommended for Kitchen and litter box
UV-c Light
100 ft²
Check Price
cordlessblower RENPHO Air Purifier Best for kitchen smells and allergies
Pre-filter, H13 HEPA, Activated Carbon
103 ft²
Check Price
cordlessblower GreenTech pureAir-50 Best for kitchen, bathrooms, and litter boxes
Activated Oxygen and Ionization
325 ft²
Check Price

1 – LEVOIT Vital-100 Overall Best Air Purifier for Kitchen Odors 2023

best air purifier for kitchen odors

Who does not like Levoit air purifier? It’s one of the best air purifier manufacturing brands in the world. The best part about levoit is its Eco-friendly products. Moreover, levoit air purifiers are budget-friendly as compared with other brands. 

Levoit Vital 100, Air Purifier also has no exception. It has an attractive design, low price, and fantastic performance. While considering its features and powerful purification, we put this model at the top of our list as the best air purifier for kitchen odors.

Key Features

  • Washable pre-filter with True H13 HEPA Filter.
  • 100% Ozone free.
  • Compact design with built-in handle for easy portability.
  • LED Display can be switched off during operation for dark sleep.
  • The filter replacement indicator lights up when it needs to change.


  • Washable pre-filter
  • Powerful fan
  • large capacity
  • low power consumption
  • Overall excellent performance


  • Becomes noisy at high speed

Levoit Vital 100 Review

 Filtration System 

Levoit is a leading company in manufacturing air purifiers. Its vital 100 model has a 3-stage filtration system. This purification system consists of a fine washable preliminary pre-filter that traps larger particles of airborne particles like pet hair, dander, and other dust particles.

After this pre-filter, a true HEPA filter is located to capture and remove the fine pollutants up to 99.97% as small as 0.3 microns, such as allergens, dust, germs, and dander from dogs and cats. Its HEPA filter is a medical grade H13 filter, which makes its efficiency more prominent.

An activated carbon filter is also installed to remove unpleasant odors and VOCs. These odors can be from smoke or cooking fumes.

It has a quick purification performance. This air purifier purifies air in 500 ft2 rooms in 30 minutes and 300 ft2 rooms in only 18 minutes, which is quite good as compared to other brands available on market.


levoit vital 100 has a compact and efficient design; this design allows you to save space in your home. Giving you a choice to use it anywhere in your home.


Sleep mode: it has less than a 23 dB noise level while operating on sleep mode. Its LED Display can be turned off at night for a restful and darker sleep environment.

Filter Indicator: The filter replacement indicator is also an excellent feature. With this feature, you can replace the filter on time to maintain its performance.

Timer: Another amazing feature of this air purifier is its timer. The timer option allows you to run the unit according to your needs.

Safe to use: Levoit does not use anion or ozone in its air purifiers. Levoit vital 100 is 100% ozone-free. So you can use it anywhere in the home with peace of mind.


If you are worried about the unpleasant smells in the kitchen then there are many brands available in the market and online that are considered the best air purifiers for the kitchen. Levoit vital 100 is also an excellent product for this purpose.

All in all, if you want to keep your kitchen and home clean and fresh, you should go for levoit vital 100 air purifier because it’s a trusted brand in air purifier manufacturing companies.

Video Guide of Levoit Vital 100

2 – BISSELL MYair Purifier 2780A – Best value for the Money

best air purifier for kitchen smellsBISSELL MYair Purifier 2780A has a powerful 3-in-1 filtration system. There is a layer of pre-filter, a high-efficiency filter, and an activated carbon filter in this air purifier. With this purification system, airborne particles are reduced up to 99.97% as small as 0.3 microns. These particles include pollen, smoke, dust, and odors.

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs ) are trapped and removed through an activated carbon filter. It can remove odors of pets, cooking fumes, smoke, and others. Thus, you can use it in the kitchen for odors.

Key Features

  • Small in size but powerful in performance.
  • Whisper-quiet level operation.
  • Sleep mode function.
  • An ideal “white noise” machine on high if you wanted to use it in a bedroom.


  • Great as a kitchen air purifier
  • Perfect for the bedside table
  • Affordable price
  • Built-in smart features


  • Cheap manufacturing
  • Only the 1-year warranty

Bissel Myair 2780A Review


When it comes to its design, it is a small-size air purifier with dimensions of 12.2×8.3×8.3 inches( height, width, length). With these dimensions, you can quickly move it according to your choice.

Besides, it’s a small unit but has a powerful air purification system inside.


BISSELL MYair Purifier 2780A has some brilliant features. These features are comprehensively described below.

Filter Replacement Indicator: Like other modern brands these days BISSELL MYair Purifier has a filter replacement indicator that alerts you when it’s time to change the filter.

Sleep Mode: Its 3-speed fan allows you to sleep w while operating the unit at low fan speed. The night light can be turned on or off, as you want.

 Recommended Use 

Its purification system works great in small spaces. It is recommended for use in the space of 100 Square feet. So, it’s good to use in the kitchen, home, and small bedrooms.


BISSELL MYair Purifier 2780A is an excellent device to use as a kitchen air purifier because of its overall good performance and affordable price range. We suggest you give a chance to BISSELL MYair Purifier 2780A in your kitchen as an odor remover. You can use it in the home and in small bedrooms as well. It’s an Amazon choice product.

Video Guide of BISSELL MYair Purifier 2780A

3 – Germ Guardian GG1000Best Budget Air Purifier for Kitchen

best air purifier for kitchen smokeThe next product in our list of best air purifiers for kitchen odors is Germguardian GG1000. Basically, it’s an air sanitizer that removes household odors and removes allergens from home and kitchen.

It’s a compact and portable air sanitizer that actually works. Unlike other bulky air purifiers, GG1000 fits in small spaces, and you can move it anywhere according to your needs.

Key Features

  • Pluggable air sanitizers that efficiently kill germs and viruses. 
  • Ideal for odors from pets, cooking fumes, smoke.
  • Compact enough to move anywhere.
  • Easy to operate; just plug-in electric source and enjoy the fresh air.


  • Great for household odors
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • No filter replacement cost
  • Affordable price


  • Cheap building
  • Only 1-year warranty

Germ Guardian GG1000 Review

 Filtration System 

Guardian technologies offer many home appliances like air purifiers, UV Sanitizers, and accessories. Germ guardian air purifier & Sanitizer GG 1000 also falls in the best air purifiers for the kitchen to reduce odors. Its filtration system is based on UV-C Light system.

UV-C technology reduces the growth of microbiological organisms such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi. This air purifier kills germs and viruses effectively to save you from these pollutants with this UV-C technology. Removes the VOCs while working with Titanium Dioxide.

Its sanitizer system provides you clean air while reducing pets’ common odors, cooking fumes, and other bacteria. It also reduces airborne germs and allergens.


Germ guardian air purifier & Sanitizer GG 1000 is a small air sanitizer. This air sanitizer has a sphere-shaped body with a small curl along the center. The front appearance of the unit is white and silver. This little unit is pluggable. It’s just a 7-inch wall pluggable unit. Just plug in the wall socket to enjoy the clean and fresh air—just 1 pound weight.

 Filter Replacement Cost 

Because of the long-lasting UV-C light, there is no filter in this unit. It means no extra cost of replacing filters like other brands. You just have to change its UV-C bulb when needed.

It is strongly recommended to replace the bulb every 10 to 12 months or according to your use. It is a fantastic gift for your friends, family, and colleagues.

 Recommended Use 

You can use it effectively in the kitchen, kids room, litter box room, and bathroom.


If you are budget conscious and want to purchase an air purifier for kitchen odors, then Germ Guardian Pluggable Air Purifier GG1000 could be the right choice. It’s an affordable and low-maintenance cost air sanitizer, also a trusted brand in the field of air purifiers that is guardian technologies. But in the end, the final choice is yours.

4 – RENPHO Air Purifier AP068 

best air purifier for kitchen odorsAlthough Renpho is a newcomer in the air purifier industry, it knows how to please the customers. For example, Renpho AP068 has a unique design that can only be found in more expensive products. This compact and sleek design allows you to move from room to room.

Moreover, AP068 is one of the best affordable air purifiers with superb performance. However, you can only take advantage of this air purifier in small rooms. It’s one of the best air purifiers with a HEPA filter that actually works against household odors.

Key Features

  • True H13 HEPA filter for powerful purification.
  • 3 Fan speeds with easy to control these speeds.
  • Suitable for bedroom because it operates quietly on night mode.
  • The filters can be vacuum cleaned, reducing the filter replacement cost.
  • 100% ozone-free, does not use harmful UV and ions.


  • A powerful air purification system
  • Reasonable filter replacement cost
  • Beautiful Portable design
  • Best value for money


  • Becomes louder at medium and high settings
  • Not a durable product

RENPHO AP068 Air Purifier Review

 Filtration System 

When we talk about the Renpho air purifier filtration system, Renpho ai purifier AP-68 consists of 3 Stage filtration systems. There is a Pre-filter as a frontline filter to capture larger particles of dust, dust mites, and other airborne particles; it also prolongs the life of the True HEPA Filter.

After pre-filter, a True HEPA Filter is located to remove 99.97% fine particles of airborne pollutants like pollen, bacteria, and viruses. In the final step, an Activated Carbon Filter is located to remove common household odors produced from kitchen fumes and other household gadgets.


If we discuss the Renpho air purifier design, AP-68 has a compact and sleek design to fit easily in the given space according to your needs. It is small enough that you can quickly put it on the table side or nightstand, also a lightweight product. This slim design allows you to use it in the kitchen, kids’ room, and other small spaces.


Renpho air purifier AP-68 is loaded with smart features like other brands in the market. These features are discussed below to make your mind clear for selecting the kitchen’s best air purifier.

Sleep Mode: With the sleep mode option, you can get a restful sleep by putting the air purifier in the lowest setting. With night light mode, it becomes more efficient to sleep in the darkroom.

3 Speed Fan: The 3-speed setting is enabled to operate it according to your choice. With this feature, you can select low, medium, and high-speed settings.

Filter replacement indicator: A filter replacement indicator light is built in to remind you of filter replacement. Its filter can be vacuum cleaned to minimize the cost of filter replacement. You should clean the filter once a month to enhance its performance. It is recommended to replace the filter every six months.

 Safe to Use 

As we know that ozone is a harmful element for human health, especially for elderly people and asthmatic patients. This Renpho air purifier does not use any harmful UV or ions. It is a 100% ozone-free brand. Certified from Intertek ETL and CARB (California Air Resources Board)


People sensitive to odors from kitchen fumes and smoke should use an air purifier to overcome this problem. Renpho air purifier AP-68 could be the right choice as the best air purifier for kitchen odors in 2023. Not only for the kitchen you can use it in the kid’s room and other small spaces for clean and fresh indoor air.

5 – GreenTech pureAir 50 – Best Plug-in Air Purifier for Kitchen Odors

best air purifier for kitchen smellsLast but not least product in our today’s list of best air purifiers for the kitchen is GreenTech Environmental pureAir 50. if you are looking for a small pluggable air purifier, then put your eyes on this model. It works very well against strong odors in your bedroom, kitchen, bathrooms, etc.

Besides, its compact design is perfect for travel. You can take it anywhere and bring fresh and clean air at any time. Just plug it and set your desired purification speed. Unlike other budget air purifiers, it has a reasonable coverage area of 325 Sq.ft

Key Features

  • Reduces bacteria, viruses and is effective for allergies.
  • Scaleable activated oxygen for air purification.
  • Large coverage area.
  • Simple but attractive design.
  • Low maintenance cost.


  • Small and compact design
  • Ideal product to use during traveling
  • Less power consumption
  • Directly plug into a power source
  • Low maintenance cost


  • No HEPA Filter
  • Only 1-year warranty

GreenTech Environmental pureAir 50 Review

 Filtration System 

The filtration system of GreenTech Environmental PureAir 50 is based on activated oxygen and ionization. Activated oxygen is used for air purification.

The ionization system is used in this brand to increase its air purification performance. This air purifier is specially designed to effectively removes odors. It reduces bacteria and viruses, and allergens to give you clean and fresh air.


GreenTech purAir 50 has a compact and portable design. Its dimensions are 2.5 (L) x 3.5(W) x 4.2(H) inches and weight is only 6.4 Ounce; it means you can move it in any room or even take it with you while traveling.


Greentech Environmental PureAir 50 is featured with a plug-in system. You just have to plug into the outlet of the power source to start the air purifier. Isn’t it super easy to use?

 Recommended Use 

This air purifier kills viruses, bacteria, and allergens quite effectively. Also very effective in removing odors. Because of its odor-eliminating function, this air purifier can effectively use in the kitchen, bathroom, office, nail salon, and home to remove odors.


While talking about the best air purifiers for the kitchen, we suggest you try GreenTech PureAir 50 air purifier on a low budget. There are three reasons to select this brand. 1st reason is that it is a low-budget air purifier.

2nd reason is that this brand specialty removes odors, and the kitchen is a space where there are some odors of fumes, smokes, etc. The 3rd  reason for purchasing this air purifier is good customer ratings

Cleaning Instructions of pureAir 50

Adverse health effects from kitchen contaminants

It depends upon the exposure, how much time or how many times we spend in a contaminated environment. It is also based on a person’s sensitivity level. Different people act differently in the same environment, but generally, these health issues are noticed.

  • Allergic and asthmatic problems
  • Hypersensitive pneumonia
  • Sneezing
  • Coughing
  • Shortness of breath
  • Dizziness
  • Digestive troubles
  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • Heat stress

Pollution from the burning of biomass in the kitchen is more harmful to children and pregnant women.

adverse health effects of kitchen pollution

Common FAQs About Kitchen Contaminations

Do air purifiers remove cooking odors?

Yes. The main component of cooking odors is volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are created when food is heated over 395 °F. Some air purifiers are specifically designed to remove VOCs, while others rely on other mechanisms to reduce or remove odor-causing smells which typically do not involve removing VOCs.

What is the bad smell in my kitchen?

There are 4 possible ways of smell in the kitchen, which are;

  1. The smell in your kitchen is likely coming from the garbage disposal.
  2. A buildup of food down where the water meets action can give off an unpleasant smell.
  3. If you’re cooking fish, the smell will likely stay in your kitchen for a few hours.
  4. One possibility for a bad smell in the kitchen is that you have a dead animal in one of your walls.

How pollution in the kitchen can affect your whole IAQ?

Around 1/3 of the world living in developing countries still use solid fuel (wood, animal dung, coal, and crop waste) for cooking and heating purpose. This type of practice is the primary source of climate change and other environmental challenges. That’s why the average life in developing countries is meager due to the contaminated lifestyle. But some other elements are also essential even in developed countries like in the U.S and others.


According to the EPA, the use of improper stoves without range hoods is the worst condition in the home. It becomes a significant source of air pollution at home. In such conditions use of Best Air Purifiers for Kitchen is not more effective. The pollutants produce from kitchen activities spread throughout the house.

Before installing a hood, make sure it went to the outdoors despite circulating air in the kitchen.

Electrical appliances

Excessive use of electrical appliances in kitchens and other places in the home is not suitable for our health even if we use Kitchen air purifiers. These appliances emit dangerous gasses like ozone and contaminate our indoor air quality. Some of them discharge heat and moisture that can increase humidity, especially in airtight areas and small kitchen spaces.

High temperature

Air purifiers for kitchen odor are helpful to eliminate the smell produced from cooking at high temperatures. Working or spending time under high temperatures can be a cause of “heat stress.” Usually, human body temperature is around 37oC, but as the environment warms up in the kitchen our body pumps more blood to maintain internal body temperature.

What kind of pollutants originate in the kitchen?

We cannot neglect the importance the kitchen activities; they are an integral part of our daily routine. Complete information given in this article about pollutants from the kitchen is only for your awareness. We don’t want to promote junk foods or anything else. Here some chronic by-products of kitchen activities are described below.

Particulate matter (PM)

Fine particles with a 2.5 to 10-micron diameter can enter our body through our respiratory system and penetrate deeply into the bloodstream and lungs passageway. These fine particles contain black carbon, sulfate, ammonia, nitrate, sodium chloride, and mineral dust caused by serious cardio, lungs, and respiratory problems.

WHO’s (IARC) International Agency for Research on Cancer classified particulate matter as a cause of lung cancer.

The primary sources of particulate matter are space heaters, inefficient stoves, and hydrocarbon combustion in poorly ventilated homes or kitchens.

Mold, mildew, bacteria, insects, and dust mites

All these pollutants are called biological pollutants. The breading of these pollutants can occur at kitchens due to water-damaged materials, wet surfaces, high humidity levels, or high temperatures. In the U.S, the humidity level for home and kitchen is recommended up to 30 to 50 percent.

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

A large part of VOCs produces gasoline, fuel oil, wood-burning, toasting, frying, or grilling in the kitchen. It may become more dangerous if we have a small space or poor ventilation. In such conditions use of Best Air Purifiers for Kitchen is more important and valuable.


Methane emits from the incomplete combustion of fossil fuels and biofuel in stoves. This potent greenhouse gas is helpful to the formation of ozone.

Nitrogen dioxide (NO2)

The primary source of NO2 at home is cooking food on gas stoves at very high temperatures; it is also found in any combustion fumes. Nitrogen dioxide is more harmful to asthmatic and cardio patients; respiration can enter the bloodstream and cause oxygen deficiency.

Carbon monoxide (CO)

Carbon monoxide’s main sources in homes are fire, wick lamps, simple stoves, wood, and coal burning. Colorless and odorless are the main properties of this gas. It has many health issues like asthmatic problems in children, cardio diseases in elders. The excessive dose of CO can be the cause of death.

Carbon dioxide (CO2)

To maintain better indoor air quality, the central heating system burned the fuel in a contained boiler. But if we use diesel or fuel oil for burning, they emit chronic CO2 and black carbon. Natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas are fewer hazards than fossil fuels.


The smell of burning fats or oil, toasting, and frying is unpleasant and dangerous for our health. Air purifiers for kitchen odor can reduce the risk factor.

How can we avoid exposure to chronic pollutants by using the best air purifiers for kitchen?

Kitchen air purifiers are economical and useful only when we also maintain good housekeeping generally. Also, Air purifiers for kitchen odors help minimize the exposure of smoke and other chronic pollutants; check and keep these factors to improve your indoor air quality.

  • Range Hood: Before buying a range hood, check its low noise level feature, and it must be moves more than 250 cubic feet of air per minute. If you have not a range hood, you can also use the best air purifier for kitchen odors and smoke.
  • Electric Stove: Use an electric stove; if you use a gas stove, inspect after every six months for gas leakage and burner set.
  • Ventilation: Maintain proper ventilation in the kitchen using an exhaust fan or opening a window outside the building.
  • Fats and cooking oils: Minimize the exposure of burning fats and oils; it’s not only bad for the environment but also harmful to our health.
  • Water fittings: Regularly check the fitting of water and drain pipes. Wet surfaces are ideal for insect breeding.
  • Appliances: Only use certified electric devices and never skip their routine maintenance or filter replacing.
  • Kitchen air purifiers: Use Best Air Purifiers for Kitchen to increase comfort and maintain a healthy environment in your kitchen.

Final Verdict

As we mentioned earlier, many harmful contaminants produce in the kitchen. So, clean air is a must for good health, especially in the kitchen. But if what’s coming from your tap isn’t as pure as it could be. The good news is that a simple air purifier can reduce potentially harmful contaminants. Using an air purifier in the kitchen space is a sensible and cost-effective option.

All of the air purifiers in this article will be doing exactly what they need to do when it comes to performance. So it’s mainly a job of figuring out what suits you. If you’re completely unsure, we suggest you go with the above-mentioned top-pick air purifiers to start with.