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best air purifier for bathroom

The bathroom is a necessary area in every house, and without appropriate ventilation, a toilet can turn into a moldy and stuffy mess. It is one of the best places for growing mold and mildew because the bathroom always remains wet.

Furthermore, it’s the primary space of viruses, bacterias, and odors. Thus, having an air purifier in the bathroom will remove these airborne pollutants and odors. But it’s not easy to get the best air purifier for the bathroom in 2022.

So, we’ve researched and tested dozens of models and, as a result, compiled this list. In this article, we’ll provide general buying advice on choosing the perfect air purifier and a detailed list of some of the best bathroom air purifiers on the market in 2022.

Let’s start with our Top Picks

Our Top Picks

Comparison Table of 6 Best Air Purifiers for Bathroom 2022

Image Product Details   Price
backpac Hamilton Beach TrueAir Best for Toilet and kitchen
Carbon filter and Green Meadow Cartridge
Small Room
Check Price
germ_guardian_AC4825E-removebg-preview potulas Air Purifier Best for Desktop
Pre-filter, True HEPA, Activated Carbon
Check Price
cordlessblower hOmeLabs Purely Awesome Air Purifier Recommended for small bedroom
Pre-filter, True HEPA, Activated Carbon
194 ft²
Check Price
cordlessblower GermGuardian GG1100W Elite UV-C Sanitizer & Deodorizer Best for Kitchen and Bathroom
Powerful Uv-C Light system
Check Price
cordlessblower newoer Plug in Air Purifier Best for Pet Room
Pre-filter, H13 True HEPA, Activated Carbon
Check Price
cordlessblower IVETTO Ionizer Ozone Generator Best for Kitchen, Toilet and Cloakroom
Sealed True HEPA, Activated Carbon
Coverage: 166 ft²
Check Price

1. Hamilton Beach TrueAir – Overall Best Air Purifier for Bathroom

Best air purifier for  bathroomAfter testing dozens of air purifiers, we found Hamilton beach true air Plug-Mount Odor Eliminator is over best air purifier for the bathroom. Although Hamilton Beach is one of the best small kitchen appliances producers in the world. But as the company is gaining popularity, it is expanding its air purifiers across the globe.

Furthermore, each year, this brand sells more than 34 million appliances, making it popular and trustworthy. The products you buy are efficient and effective, especially when it comes down to air purifiers.

Key Features

  • A great option for bathroom smells.
  • Built-in night light.
  • Filter replacement indicator.
  • Optional Green Meadow scent cartridge.


  • Eliminates all kinds of smells                                              
  • Quiet Fan
  • Universal Plug
  • Simple to operate


  • Filter needs replacement after 3 months

Hamilton Beach TrueAir Review

 Odor Neutrilizer 

The TrueAir is one of the best air purifiers for bathrooms. Nobody wants unpleasant odors hanging around in their houses all day, especially in places like kitchens and toilets. Masking smells are one thing, while completely finishing them is another.

With this purifier, every kind of smell including pet odor, food odor, is eliminated. Also, if someone in your family smokes, tobacco odor is also conveniently put an end to.

 Soundless Fan 

The purifier pulls in air through the carbon filter. This filter does its wonders by trapping smells and sends fresh air back into the room after purifying it. Your room will smell fresh all day long with this effective purifier.

 Wall Mounting Function 

Whether you are in a kitchen, washroom, or any place, simply plugs this into a 110V outlet, and voila, it does its wonders! Moreover, the filter needs to be replaced every few months or so, depending on usage. The good thing is, an indicator is built on this purifier to let you know if it needs changing.

 Ease of Use 
Turning on/off this device is pretty straightforward. Press the button on the front to activate it. Furthermore, the 110V plug is universal and standard, making it possible for the average user to use this excellent air purifier.

2. potulas Mini – Best Air Purifier for Small Bathroom

Best air purifier for small bathroomThe next one in the list of best air purifiers for a bathroom is not a well-known brand but its performance is awesome. the name of the brand is potulas, as the potulas make some excellent and budget-friendly air purifiers. Moreover, you can never go wrong with this model. It has an elegant and classy look. The build is modern yet simple.

If you are looking for something that can cater to a small room, don’t forget to look out for Potulas’s air purifiers. They are tailored for small spaces, and their work is admirable.

Key Features

  • Compact and portable air purifier.
  • Efficient 3 Stage Filtration system.
  • User-friendly.
  • Power consumption less than 5 watts


  • Built-in timer
  • 3 fan speed with 3-way filters
  • Touchscreen Buttons
  • Filter replacement indicator


  • Touchscreen buttons may be awkward for older users

potulas Air Purifier Review


If you don’t want this device running at all times, you can set a timer, after which it will automatically shut off. Options ranging from 30 minutes to 5 hours are available to choose from.  You can prolong the filter life as well if you use the timer instead of letting it operate aimlessly.

 Quiet Operation 

If you use it in your bedroom, you’d be glad to hear that the noise level is almost inaudible. The sound level measures nearly 30 dB, which is of an average whisper. Offices, small areas, or even in homes, the surrounding will not get noise polluted when using this.

 3 Fan Speed Settings 

The fan is surprisingly small. Thankfully, it is powerful enough and does its job effectively. If you operate it at the lowest setting, the noise level is lesser than that of even a whisper. It blows air with an above-average force. Another amazing feature of this small air purifier is you can use it for cigarette smoke as well.

 True HEPA Filter 

A three-stage filtration system plays a vital role in making this air purifier effective and powerful. An activated carbon filter filters food, pet, and cigar odors. This filter can also absorb harmful gases such as benzene. A coarse filter removes hair fibers and dust particles. Any air cleaner with a True HEPA filter can be termed as the best air purifier for the bathroom.

 Easy to Use 

A built-in sleep mode turns the blue light off in 30 seconds after activation and reduces the noise to some extent as well. A filter replacement light reminds you if the filter needs changing. The buttons are touchscreen for convenience.

3. hOmeLabs Purely – Best Air Purifier for Bathroom Odors

best air purifier for bathroomWhen we’re talking about hOmelabs, we genuinely mean quality and variety. In case you are wondering, hOmelabs specializes in a wide range of kitchen products including, ice machines, dehumidifiers, refrigerators, and air conditions as well.

There is no doubt air purifiers produced by this company provide value for money. Not only this, but the company is trusted and well known around the globe.

Key Features

  • Powerful 3-stage filtration with durable filter.
  • Cool and compact design.
  • Great for bedroom for a quiet sleep.
  • Also works for large rooms


  • True H13 HEPA filter
  • 3 stage filtration system
  • Quiet operation
  • Built-in nightlight


  • Noisy on high speed

hOmeLabs Purely Awesome Air Purifier Review

 True HEPA Air Purifier 

An authentic H13 filter dramatically improves air quality. If your kids have allergies, plug this into their playrooms and see the magic. Even for kitchens, this air purifier works wonderfully, removing food odors in no time. This one is perfect for small-medium room sizes.

 3-Stage Filtration System 

Three filters, a pre-filter, HEPA, and activated carbon filter remove up to 99% of the air’s impurities. Talking about the longevity of these filters, each one lasts up to 2100 hours of usage. Also, you can install it in any space due to its modern design.

 Silent Operation 

The sound level falls below 50 dB in sleep mode. This means you can sleep in a quiet and calming environment when the air purifier is running. You get clean and pure air, topped with an almost soundless operation.

 Easy to Use 

Now you don’t need an additional nightlight if you plan on using this specific device. A built-in LED lights up your room calmingly when you’re ready to sleep. Thankfully, different brightness levels are there, so if you want to dim, turn off, or brighten up the light, you can do so. The best bathroom air purifier should always have a HEPA filter as this one has.

4. GermGuardian GG1100W Elite – Best Sanitizer for Bathroom

Best air purifier for bathroom 2021Guardian Technologies has never failed to impress anyone! They are a trusted national brand that specializes in a lot of small home-based products. This time we have the Guardian technologies GG1100W as the best air purifier for the bathroom

The range of Germ Guardian includes humidifiers, UV sanitizers, essential oil diffusers, and so on. They make some of the most popular air purifiers for homes and offices.

Key Features

  • Best pluggable air sanitizer.
  • Wall mounting function.
  • Ideal for common household odors.
  • Excellent customer support services.


  • No filter replacement cost
  • Excellent UV-C light
  • Effective cleansing of air
  • One year warranty


  • UV-C is harmful if not used carefully

GermGuardian GG1100W Review

 No Filter Replacement 

Surprisingly, a no filter usage saves you quite some bucks. You don’t have to worry about changing it every 3 months. Only the UV C light bulb needs a replacement for around 10-12 months, depending on how hard you use it.

 UV-C Light 

UV-C light has proven to be a blessing when used properly. It eliminates molds, fungi, viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms. This UV-C light technology works with titanium dioxide for reducing airborne bacteria and other impurities.

 Odor Reducer 

Whether it is the nasty smell of those diapers of your babies or the usual odor caused by cats and dogs, the GermGuardian caters to all of them. No need to open your windows and wait for the smell to diffuse. Simply activate this air purifier, and all odors are eliminated quickly. Isn’t it a headache when you are cooking and find the aroma roaming in the house?

 Simple to Use 

This air cleaner operates at 120V AC. Another advantage you get is the extended 1-year warranty. Now you don’t have to worry about it not working after a few hours. The bulb only needs changing after some 12 months, so that’s a plus as well. It only measures an inch, which makes it compact too.

5. newoer Plug-in Air Purifier – Best Wall Mounted Air Purifier 

Best bathroom air purifierAre you searching for a cheap and budget-friendly option for your home or bathroom? If you want an air purifier with a low price tag but purifies the air efficiently, newoer might be the best choice for you.

Especially in terms of using filters, this company hasn’t used them, saving you many bucks in the long run as well. Not only this air purifier is available for under $50 but also you can save future investment as it has no filters.  

Key Features

  • Plug and play air purifier and sanitizer.
  • Super quiet operation
  • Less than 5 watts power consumption.
  • Compact and portable.


  • Only 30dB noise level
  • Rubber oil coating on the surface
  • No filter replacement cost


  • The coverage area is small

newoer Plug in Air Purifier Review

 Quiet Operation 

Sleep mode has proven very useful in this air purifier. The method reduces the sound output by around 30dB. If you are sleeping or working, you will find this mode a lifesaver. Who doesn’t get annoyed by constant loud noises now?

You can use it in the bathroom, office desk, or any other small space as it is one of the best wall-mounted air purifiers.

 Easy to USe 

The design hides the socket. This device is easy to carry and use too. A rubber oil coating covers the surface, making it very soft to touch. Simply plug it into a socket, and it works. Also, it only consumes 5W, making it a very energy-saving choice.


You won’t face any issues when using this specific air purifier. Even at 5W, it works pretty well, in our opinion. This works using electricity. It releases negative ions into the air that remove dust and other particles. You can use this in a 400 sq. feet area.

6. IVETTO Ionizer – Best for Small Bathrooms

best air purifier for bathroomLast but not least in our today’s list of best air purifier for a bathroom is IVETTo. Perhaps IVETTO’s air purifiers are a little on the expensive side, but they sure are quite effective. If you want a device with no filter at all, this one fits your description well.

IVETTO makes sleek and modern designs; you will find its aesthetics pretty presentable. It is one of the best ionizer ozone generators. if you want a small bathroom air purifier then you won’t wrong with this small air purifier.

Key Features

  • Powerful ozone generator.
  • Auto and manual operating modes.
  • 3 Power modes to choose from.
  • Long-lasting air filters.


  • No filter needed
  • 2 Amazing modes
  • Extremely silent operation
  • Best air purifier for small bathrooms


  • Small coverage area
  • Some don’t like purifiers without a filter

IVETTO Ionizer Ozone Generator Review

 No Filter Replacement 

Thankfully, the IVETTO Ionizer does not have a filter. It generates ozone and negative ions around 1 million per second. With purifiers that come with filters, you typically have to change them every few months, depending on usage. So, in a nutshell, you save on costs using this device. In our opinion, it is one of the best air purifiers for small bathrooms.

 2 Operation Modes 

The two modes, auto, and manual come really handy. With auto mode, the air purifier works with a detection sensor that works in pauses of 2 minutes. It continues so until there is no one in the room. In manual mode, it only works in unoccupied areas. It operates at 2000mg/h in this mode which is powerful enough.

 Low Noise Levels 

This model is one of the quietest air purifiers on the market. The noise level measures around a meek 20dB, which is lower than that of even a whisper. You can plug this into your room and still have the usual silence. Due to this factor, it is one of the best bathroom deodorants available out there.


The Ozone generator puts an end to smells like cooking, smoke, and toilet smells. The coverage area measures 166 sq. feet. This is the best air purifier for a small bathroom, bedroom, or tiny working room. Also, you get a warranty service with this product as well.

Buying Guide of Best Air Purifier for Bathroom in 2022

The Filtration

Bathrooms are damp and wet areas. This means they are the perfect place for molds to grow. Any standard air purifier cannot carry out this job effectively. Moreover, places like these are also vulnerable to dust, allergens, and even pet dander. A true HEPA filter system proves best for use in areas such as these. The system removes up to 99% of impurities and particles from the air.

Sound Level

You do not want to have trouble sleeping in your room because of the noise some of these devices create. Even in bathrooms, you can get carried away if the noise level is a tad bit too high for your liking. Therefore, you should choose a purifier with a sound below 30dB. Some air cleaners have an above 50dB noise level, but they won’t suit you if you want a soundless effect.


Usually, because of lack of proper ventilation, odors stay in the bathroom for more extended periods than in other places. Buying an efficient air purifier is a must for these places. Look for an air purifier with an activated or Carbon filter. This filter can filter out the air of your bathroom in the blink of an eye.

Size of Room

Each air purifier has a different coverage area. Buying the right size will ensure you don’t waste your money. Some air cleaners are suitable for small to medium rooms, while some models are made to filter the whole house.

If you have some allergies like asthma, check the ACH rate, air change per hour! This means how many times the purifier filters out the air in a room each hour.  For people who have allergies, a rate of 4 times per hour works wonders. This rate will keep your room allergens free so that you can breathe freely without irritation.

Final Verdict

After reading the detailed review on some of the best air purifiers for the bathroom, you must have gained insight into why air purifiers are essential. They are a lifesaver for asthmatic people and people with other allergies.  This review includes some of the best air purifiers for bathrooms.

If you are tired of sneezing all day long or feel that the air quality is decreasing, you should definitely try one of the air purifiers listed above! Studies have shown that clean and quality air can positively impact the mood and growth of children. You want the best for you and your children now, don’t you!

Always look at the area it covers whenever buying a purifier. If you are going to use it in a bathroom, you can buy a cheaper and smaller one. On the other hand, if you plan on using it at the office or lounge, be sure to purchase a bigger and stronger one.